Friday, October 7, 2011

Serve Alongside

This has been an amazing week. Not at all what I had expected. All of my international mission work had been done in central and southern Mexico and that is what I had invisioned. Villa Millagro has done amazing things here. At times this week I have felt that I have definately been blessed way more than I have blessed. Our trip with such a small group came with a very different purpose than any other mission trip I have ever been on. Teaching outreach to the people here. We have worked hand in hand with the church members here on our projects and it has been amazing. Although they think that our group of "blond gringas" aren't capable of much labor :) it has been a blessing to work alongside fellow believers and I feel we have helped equip them to reach their people. God doesn't need us to do His work, but He has called us to. I encourage anyone who has considered coming here to do so. I will be a huge blessing for you! They hunger for His love and are so willing for us to give it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You are God....

Today is my 5th day in Cajamarca, Peru. This has been such an amazing trip. As with most opportunities that God places before you, I feel I'm GETTING more than I am GIVING, both from the locals as well as my travel companions. Being in a place with believers and very few distractions gives you a chance to recharge and refocus. Because I am here with a small group (Dave Hughey and the girls - as they are calling us) we have had a lot of freedom to come and go and have been able to fit in a lot more activities than with a larger group. All day long I have had this line from one of our praise and worship songs stuck in my head. "You are not a God in need of anything we can give. You are God and that's just the way it is." In a place where so many of them have NOTHING to give, they don't get caught up in their own self's not an option for many of them. I am reminded daily of how blessed I am. While we witnessed to the people here in the town square, they would often approach us and gather around just to hear what we had to say. They are hungry for food, for affection and for God.
If you have not had the blessing of coming to Villa Milagra, please pray about supporting their efforts and if at all possible, try to come here and experience the people, their culture, and be apart of the Great Commission taking place in Peru.

Friday, July 1, 2011

North Peru: Week 1

This was my first mission trip and I could not have asked for a better group and place to have come. Cajamarca is a wonderful place full of beautiful people, landscape and culture. I was not sure what to expect going into the trip but once I arrived and started working with the people here I was pleasantly surprised. The first day we went to the Plaza in downtown Cajamarca. The plaza was beautiful and had many amazing vendors with handmade crafts and beautiful churches along the way. We were able to attend church at Monte Sion on Sunday and, surprisingly it was not far different from our own church. They sang songs, had a sermon, and took up an offering. Brother Dave actually preached, so we were able to understand what was going on. I also recognized the tune of several songs.
On Monday, we started work in the first clinic here at Monte Sion. I was extremely impressed with how well the facility was set up and that made it easy to run a smooth clinic. We worked all day and into the night, even until we could not see anymore. The providers were working outside with flashlights just to finish seeing all of the patients that came. We saw a lot of people and i was so humbled by the fact that even though we could not do much for the people, they were so gracious for everything we did accomplish. The rest of the week we held clinics around the area and we were able to help a lot of people. We handed out many bibles, vitamins, antibiotics, glasses, and the children were able to do many crafts.
We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the orphanage here(the Aldea) and play with some amazing kids. The children were so happy every time we came. Seeing where these kids lived and knowing they did not have any homes to go home to was humbling. Their shoes were ragged and many of their clothes were torn and dirty. As a team, we decided to all donate money to buy new shoes for the kids and all the tias (house parent) there. This experience was humbling because we all are constantly wondering how we can get the latest gadget or new pair of shoes and knowing that these kids only had enough to survive was a very emotional experience for me.
The other orphanage we went to was for special needs children. We were able to tour the facility and the equipment was as good as we have in the US. Many of the children there could not speak, and some couldn't walk, but everyone on our team just poured out their love to these kids.
We were also able to have the opportunity to go to the local market and buy food for seven needy families. That was a fun group activity where we were able to purchase about a month supply of food for a nine person family. It was also interesting attempting to communicate in their language. In the afternoon, we went to deliver the food and that was my favorite thing we did all week. When we went to deliver the food we saw what most of the families were living in, which was a couple of walls made out of dirt and mud, one bedroom, and a concrete floor to sleep on. I sat there wondering how these families can live like that and still be so grateful for all that they do have. This was a life changing experience and it taught me that we all need to be grateful for what we do have and we should all try to do more to help others.
This whole trip has been filled with great people and great life experiences and has truly made me a better person. I hope to come back next year and for many years to come, and eventually come back as a doctor and offer any help I can to the people of Cajamarca.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Claiming Victory in South Peru

I'm sitting here at Villa Milagro while the rest of the team takes a nap from flying in early this morning. I got here yesterday afternoon after spending a week in South Peru.

Kelly Tucker and I flew to Lima and met a group of eight from Texas that is very interested in working with the villages in Southern Peru.

We drove to Huaytara and stayed there overnight last Saturday. We got up on Sunday morning and after a flat tire on one of the three trucks, we made it to Ayavi. That night we went to a home church service there. There were about 10 Peruvians at that service. It was really neat to get to watch and hear them worship the same God that I worship.

Monday we went and talked to some of the high school kids in the school. We spent lots of time with the younger kids because they were out of school. We played soccer and volleyball with them as well as painting fingernails and making bracelets and necklaces. We also gave out reading and sun glasses in the square. That night we had a Bible study that started out just with us, but then in the middle of it the high school principal and one of the high school teachers joined us. We talked about peace with them and how the only was to have true peace is in God. He is the only one who can give us peace in the middle of any kind of storm. They both asked great questions and we were able to share with them what we believe.

We got up on Tuesday and drove to Tambo. The first thing we did was meet with the Pastor of the home church there. We talked to him and arranged to have a church service that night even though he wouldn't be able to be there. His wife was going to lead the church that night. While we were there we made necklaces and sun catchers with all of the children and many of the adults in the town. They loved doing this and swarmed us as soon as we pulled all of this out of the back of the truck. After we ran out of supplies, we walked up the the top of the hill and met with the Principal of the school there. She is a very sweet, christian lady. We talked to her for a while and invited her to the church service that night. After dinner, we went to the pastors house for church. There were probably 28 or so Peruvians at the service that night. After the pastor's wife talked and lead worship, Kelly talked to the people about security and that our security is in God and not in anything of this world. After Kelly talked, they wanted us to sing in English for them. We sang Days of Elijah and they loved it so much that they wanted to sing it in Spanish. One of the translators told them the words in Spanish. We then sang it in English while they sang it in Spanish. That was one of the best moments of the entire trip. Being able to worship the same God in two different languages was the coolest things ever.

On Wednesday we were back in Ayavi. We spent some more time with the little kids because they still weren't back in school. We spent the afternoon with the seniors in the school. We told the stories of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. We then had a little presentation for each of them. We gave them a necklace, lip balm, candy, and a Bible. The girls had a necklace with a cross on it so that they can always remember that the cross is their guide. The one boy in the class got a shield to remind him that Jesus is his shield. It was really cool to give these things to them and know that we have at least planted a seed for each of them just because of a simple necklace. That night Kelly cooked chicken spaghetti for the whole town. We had more people come this year than Kelly had ever seen come before. After dinner was over, we all went over to the church. Instead of them talking this time, we told the crucifixion and resurrection story again. We asked if anyone would like to accept Jesus and lead in a sinners prayer so that if they wanted, they could pray that and accept Jesus. Even though no one said anything, I'm sure that there was someone out of about 40 of them that was impacted somehow.

We were able to see a lot of growth in both Ayavi and Tambo this year. Please continue to pray for these villages and the ones around them. We want these villages to be able to claim victory in Christ.

Please keep the team that is here in Cajamarca this week in your prayers as well as the team that will be here next week.

-Christina Davis

Friday, January 14, 2011


What a view.........Check SpellingAdd Image

Need in the Peruvian Amazon

Yesterday I witnessed women throwing their childern on the boat when we were just trying to relocated to a better spot right up the bank. They thought we were going to leave without seeing thier sick and helpless childern. Made me think what would I do if I was in the same situation. We are extremely blessed as a country. What can we do with all of the excess blessings the Lord has trusted us with?????!

Today we had almost 600 people come and go on our boat. They were very greatful for our medical and dental assistance. The need here is way to big when you only have 3 days.

When I looked out of my hammick this morning to my surprise the people were already lined up at 5:30 and waiting on us to get up and get started. As the day went on I watched the line grow and grow and grow........ Someone went on the river bank and said that there was over 1000 people in line. I am sure we will be forced to leave tomorrow with people still on the bank.

My thought for tonight is that we need to remember people on the BANK!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We made it...God is always faithful

After a delayed plane for 5 hours, original boat sank, went from 3 boats to 1 cargo and 1 small passenger boat, many various boating issues, hours of pill counting...God always prevails and continues to show us patience and flexibility.

Mosquitos are not as bad as we thought which is always good but the heat turned out to be something different. It is more humid than we imagined!!! Rained a bit but mostly humid and HOT. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, some deet, and more sunscreen.

About 35 volunteers came travelling from Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and all over Arkansas. There are various ages, so many testimonies, and many opportunites to learn from each other. It is always amazing to see how God uses all different types of people to do His work.

Justin, myself, Dave, Jordan, Kelly, and Daniel are all on the cargo boat. Roughing it doesn´t say it! My shower has a Potty in it!!! We are sleeping in hammock´s on the top deck to get cool air rather than sleeping in a sauna
Plus Justin and I have seen some BIG nasty spiders in our bunk!! Very Interesting and a Extreme learning experience for me... Patience and Flexibility!!!

Amazon Peru 2011

We are on the Amazon in one of the small town village, big enough to find an internet store. We just attended service that has been started by Raul several years ago and now has a full house! Dave preached (Julio translated) over Mattew 9 - The workers are a few. God uses all his people from North America to South America and beyond.

All the Peruvian people are so thankful and gratious towards us. With all the hardships we have encountered to it didn´t stop from people to hear God´s word. 4 members of the boat crew were saved yesterday and some attending church with us today. God is Good!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today we completed all of the work that Larry had planned for us to do. Tomorrow we will find something constructive to do. Most likely we will go get our "fix" at the orphanage (there is nothing like it and for those of you who have been there SORRY). We didn't even bring crafts or toys so we will get nothing but LOVE from those cute kids and they will get nothing but LOVE from us!

Julio cut his hand today on the edge plainer in the wood shop and we had to take him to the local clinic. He was in the clinic until 6:30 tonight. We need to lift him up in prayer, that his hand will be healed soon and with no complications. Julio is one of my closest friends here in Peru. Even though there is a language barrier, he and I enjoy working together. It's like he and I are connected on a deeper level, when we are working on a job we know what each other are thinking. So, please keep him in your prayers over then next couple of weeks as his hand heals.

I can't express my feelings in my soul for this city and it's people. Everyone who reads this should at least pray about coming here to see what I see here........

Pray for safe travel for the ones of us flying toward home and those who are flying this away to go to South Peru over the next week.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an instant

Sometimes we take the road less traveled and we wonder why we took it...then in an instant we see it so clear that we cannot believe we are a part of the journey... today it was just a very small event that made me realize that God's plan is going to be fulfilled with or without me...
I challenge you to step back and see His work, in your city, in your life...

The lady and her sheep.

Today we got a lot of work done on the Hospital. After lunch, I feel asleep on the couch. The guys left. I woke up 1 hour later. It was nice. I walked over to the hospital. On the way, there was a woman watching her sheep. A dog had chased a sheep over to the road. The woman got up and went to the sheep to comfort it. When you get away from all of the stress of the states and the distractions that we bring on ourselves you see how we wonder away from our Shepard. Even with the day to day issues. I hope that more people will be able to come with us to Peru and experience something that will change your heart and your life so that we will be able to keep our focus on Him.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seeing God's Hand

Jeff and I arrived in Cajamarca yesterday afternoon. The first stop after the airport was the aldea (orphanage) - that's a good way to get your heart broken and ready. For those of you who have been, Spiderman was there and in my arms for the entire visit. Jeff also had a little girl hanging on him; she'd been crying when we arrived but time in his arms settled her down. After the orphanage we headed to Villa Milagro to settle in.

Last night four college students who were helped by VM came and shared the difference the assistance had made in their lives. Three of the four were orphans who had no possibility of going to school and learning a trade or career; the fourth was from a large, poor family. Now, one is a CPA, one a systems engineer, one studying psychology, and one in hotel management. Great potential but no opportunity until God used VM to provide assistance

Today we began the tour to let Jeff get acquainted with all the ministries of Villa Milagro. After walking the entire compound here we visited Monte Sion church and school and the clinic. This afternoon we went to a couple of well sites, a mission point, and Santa Polonia (the high point where you can see the entire city laid out).

For Jeff being on site has really helped wrap his mind around the opportunities here. I have described it to him, but you just have to see and experience it. God is doing miracles here; hard to understand and believe without seeing it for yourself, but no doubt when you are here in the middle of doubt you can see God's hand.

Tomorrow, the rest of the team will continue their work on the clinic in Cajamarca while Jeff and I will head to Chiclayo. Chiclayo is on the coast, north of Lima. Currently VM is drilling wells in Chiclayo and VM evangelist Carlos Valenzuela is sharing the Gospel and planting churches. While there we will be going into the schools and visiting mission points.

Many opportunities are here for Geyer Springs. Pray for us and specifically for Jeff, as our leader, to know how God would have us involved here.

Work still to be done.....

We worked on the clinic today......

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Great Day

Today was a wonderful yet sad day for me.... I got to work at the clinic until lunch. And now the sad-- I had to take my lovely wife to the airport to fly home. this was bitter sweet because I wanted her to stay, but the girls are ready for her to come home.

Dave and Jeff came in on the plane that Deirdra left on. After picking them up we went to the orphanage so that they could have a look around (sorry honey).

Dinner was awesome! Larry had arranged for some students, who the ministry had sent to College, to share their stories. This was another one of those PERU moments when you try to hold back the tears and can't even imagine the burdens these people go through everyday. One guy raised his 3 year old brother on the streets at the age of 4. And he did this for a few years. That would be like my 6 year old, Anna, raising my 3 year old , Madison. Just their survival alone IS a God thing. This makes me think about my life and all the problems I think I have. We are a very blessed country, so let's all start giving what has been given to us by GOD. No excuse is a good one...... if these students aren't making any excuses then I shouldn't be either.

This trip has been just as much, if not more, of an eye opener as the first time I came to Peru........

Trying to explain the unexplainable,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

God Never Quits

Today we (Nathan, Rick, Justin, Kelly, and Me) traveled up North to Yanacancha Baja church. This church was created by Monte Sion but a few years later, the church had lost their Pastor and their members. Monte Sion had discovered this in June and sent out a crew to re-establish the lost church. One local man stepped up and took on the responsibility to get the church back and running again. That day (June 27th, 2010) there were about 6 members attending. Today, God has blessed this church, and there were 12 adults and 14 children!!! A full 2 hour worship with Sunday School.

Kelly Tucker found a local market around to corner from the church and we experienced a "local Peru-Mart". Products included various ranges from yarn and toys to....racks of meat hanging up. The group purchased a soccer ball and wooden tops to distribute to the kids after Sunday School. We enjoyed playing duck duck goose and simon says with them. We did ,however, wish that we could have planned it better and brought VBS materials for the kids. Something to remember for the next trip!!

Upon travelling back down to Villa Milagro, we stopped to a familiar "Gold Mine" location. Of course, we had search for gold in the creek. Words can not describe how beautiful this place is.

Later that day, Larry Johnson took us on a tour to Downtown Cajamarca and the Banos Del Inca. It was Nathan's first visit to Peru and it was awesome to see his facial expressions. Again, this country is so beautiful that it almost takes your breathe away - wait, that is the altitude. But seriously, you have a true realty check on how well American's in the US have it and how much we take it for granted.

Prayer Needs: We found out that Omar's (boy we found during June-July clinic visit whom has a brain tumor) Parents have refused to allow Omar to be re-evaluated by us and even having surgery to save his life. They rejected because of fears of taking their child to America.

Marty Mote has been sick all day. We are about 98% sure that it is altitude sickness. He is coming around but hasn't had much of an appetite.

I will be travelling back home tomorrow and arrive Tuesday morning by myself. Please pray that I will have a safe travel and make it from plane to plane on time!! Mostly, pray for Justin as he will be worried for me.